Insolvency Law Mount Waverley

Fumens is a law firm with offices near Mount Waverley. We deliver exemplary legal advices and services to its clients. Our insolvency lawyers act for a wide range of clients whether you are a creditor shareholder, director or company under financial distress.

A person or company becomes insolvent when they are not able to pay their debts when they fall due, or when the value of their liabilities exceeds the value of their assets. Most of the common corporate insolvency procedures are receivership, liquidation and voluntary administration. The personal insolvency procedures that apply to a person, but not a company, are personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy.

Our insolvency lawyers advise on a wide range of insolvency issues from statutory demand, director’s duties, insolvent trading claims, and winding up applications. We formulate and provide practical and effective solutions to clients.

5 Reasons to choose our Insolvency Lawyers

  • Experienced and competent lawyers
  • Versatile and performed several cases
  • Representation of cases in a legitimate manner
  • Cost-effective services
  • Huge clientele base
We are able to assist you with any following:
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Director’s duties
  • Insolvent trading
  • Receivership, liquidation and voluntary administration
  • Personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy
  • Enforcement
  • Voidable transactions
  • Negotiations with secured creditors
  • Enforcing the rights of secured creditors

At Fumens we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, including commercial law, property law, taxation law and employment law. Our legal team possesses all the skills and experience necessary to tackle your legal issues. This allows us to identify and analyse all possible issues, therefrom formulating the most practical and effective solutions for you.

Our aim is to offer affordable and hassle-free services in order to meet our client’s needs and requirements with ease. Insolvency lawyers in and around our Mount Waverley office deal with a lot of queries from clients and assist them accordingly. We concentrate on offering innovative and practical legal solutions to our esteemed clients all over Mount Waverley.

For any enquiries​, please do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 8555 9205 and email us at [email protected]