Story About Our Firm

Fumens Lawyers is a multicultural legal team committed to acting in the best interest to attain our client’s achievement professionally. At Fumens, we know there are better ways to assist our client. Whether you are individuals, entrepreneurs, new immigrants, SME enterprises, international corporations, or retail groups, we treat every client all the same.

Fumens is proud to be Australia’s growing multilingual legal firm. We understand that sometimes legal issues can be depressing, especially when there are language barriers between you and your adviser. With these concerns, we take great pride to have staff who can communicate well in both Mandarin and English.

Our team has a sound reputation in providing excellent services to the clients, despite our circle are small, but we concerned more about delivering quality services than quantity. With the solid practice and relevant experience in the industries, we believe our team can support you, your business, and your family in every stage.

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We work closely with many professionals across the industries including leading barristers, forensic examiner and others.

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Our staffs are responsive to client enquiries.

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Cost effective

We work closely with legal costs assessor and offering reasonable costs to our client.



We offer the languages that you can understand, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hakka and others.