Hao Qian


Hao Qian took the vow and was admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2017. She was born in Shanghai, migrated to Australia since she was 10. She has been practicing commercial and business law for many years, participates in many negotiations in different mediation such as rent relief and other tenancy issues.

With a wealth of experience in handling the broad scale of commercial leases such as Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets, hotels and office buildings, Hao offers cutting-edge legal services to her clients. Whether acting for the tenant, or the landlord, Hao would take care of your matter in a most effective manner. She was rated the most attentive and almighty professional female lawyer of the firm.

Besides that, Hao also practices corporate and company law, handling shares sale and drafting shareholder agreements, advising on company structures, drafting loan agreement linked mortgage/caveat, assist client with signing personal guarantor and indemnity agreements.

Hao speaks fluently in both language, English and Mandarin. She also speaks Shanghai’s local dialect.