Preparing for a Fumens Legal Consultation

Legal Advice Process

Our areas of expertise cover real estate and project investment, family law, corporate law, commercial law, immigration law, employment law, will and estates, intellectual property, civil disputes and litigation, and criminal defence. Our practice is particularly strong in property law, commercial law, corporate law, and various civil disputes and litigation. An efficient legal consultation before your case starts will help you to solve your current problems and identify possible options afterwards!

Legal advice process

Step 1: Choosing a lawyer

There are three levels of lawyers at Fumens: Principal, Associates, and Lawyers. You may brief our staff of the relevant area, case situation and related issues you want to consult, and we will make the appropriate recommendation according to your specific situation.

Step 2: Pay the consultation fee.

After determining the lawyer, pay the corresponding first consultation fee to the company’s account, take a screenshot of your payment and send to the paralegal.

Note: Consultations will be charged at the lawyer’s hourly rate and the complexity of your case. We do have a special offer for first-time consultations. Please note that if your case has preliminary contracts and/or documents for solicitors to review before the consultation, additional quotes for viewing the documents will incur. In general, the traditional way of charging is based on the hourly rate of the lawyer’s level. You can call us on (03) 9590 6808 for specific fee questions. Our assistant will help you and give you an estimated quote (stage quote) for your case.

Step 3: Book your appointment and choose the type of consultation you prefer

Once you have selected your lawyer and paid your consultation fee, our assistant will confirm with you the time of your first consultation. You can choose the type of consultation you would like to have: you can visit our office in Melbourne CBD or Glen Waverley (depending on the location of your chosen lawyer), or have a zoom video meeting, or consult on phone.

If there are other special circumstances, please feel free to talk to the assistant for further assistant.

Preparations prior consultation

  • Please take no pressure for your first consultation. The consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. You can list your questions before the consultation, so that no questions may be missed during the consultation.
  • From the time you first communicate with our assistants, everything is confidential and you can communicate with your lawyer freely.
  • Generally, the consultation is intended to give the lawyer a general idea of what you are dealing with and the situation you are in, and to give you preliminary advice on your issue.
  • During the consultation, the lawyer will ask you specific questions to gather enough information and to inform you of your rights.
  • You may choose to attend the consultation alone, or bring with you a family member or friend who may help you feel relaxed. In short, we wish you to feel comfortable and relaxed during consultation.
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We work closely with many professionals across the industries including leading barristers, forensic examiner and others.

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Our staffs are responsive to client enquiries.

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Cost effective

We work closely with legal costs assessor and offering reasonable costs to our client.



We offer the languages that you can understand, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hakka and others.