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Fumens Lawyers is an authoritative Chinese law firm in Melbourne. Fumens Law Firm has 11 categories of services, such as company law, property and construction law, family law, and employment law. As a professional Chinese law firm, we can provide services in multiple languages to our clients with professional legal advice and comprehensive strategies.
Our guiding mission at Fumens lawyers company is to fully understand the needs of our clients. With the interests of our clients in our mind, we trust worthwhile to achieve the best and most commercially viable results for all clients.

Why choose us

Multilingual services

As a Chinese law firm in Melbourne, we are familiar with the national conditions of China and Australia due to our combined Chinese and Western background. This helps us understand the real needs of our clients and provide more professional and high-quality legal services. The Fumens legal team not only has a rich practical experience but also understands the cultural differences between China and Australia. Our purpose is to always assist you in resolving all law matters. We are proud to be Australia’s growing multilingual legal firm, and we are able to help clients without language barriers.

Build a long-term and stable cooperation

When choosing your legal representatives, the first concern is always that they have the necessary expertise and experience in law fields that presently concerns you, in either a personal or business matter. Fumens team is good at helping you analyze the legal issues that you face from a legal and commercial perspective. We manage and mitigate long-term risks our clients facing, which are the prerequisites for us to develop long-term cooperative relationships with our clients.

Extensive business

Despite the breadth of our services, our lawyers and paralegals are well-stocked with legal knowledge and practical experience. Whether you want to consult corporate and commercial law, law of immigration, or want to know the Australian family law and other different kinds of legal services, our lawyer team treat every client seriously and strictly and provide the best legal services.

Consider for customers

Our team understand the needs of our clients and have developed the key skills in different field of law. We are a team of reputed professionals offering high-quality legal advice and services. We treat every commission seriously and strictly. For commercial customers, regardless of the size of the companies or the amount of the transactions, we work closely with our clients and provide supports in every stage of the business. For law of employment customers, we are able and dedicated to resolving employment law issues by understanding the correlation between employment law and a business operation.

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